Penny & Chris Goeppner are in the process of adopting two children from Russia.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Long Time, No Post

Sorry, it's a been a while since my last post. I've been very busy with the kiddos but I also don't like to post without pictures and blogger has been giving me a hard time lately with pics.
Anyway, the boys are doing awesome. Jadon is very much a Mama's boy now and he is no longer an angry baby. He's happy most of the time but we still battle his strong will. Roman is speaking English very well now. He still combines Russian and English words when speaking but I'm amazed by how much he does say and understand. Even Jadon's vocabulary has grown a lot.
Bedtime is great, the kids are in a routine that they expect and love and once we close the door for the night, they are asleep until 7am. They even play quietly in their room until we go in to get them. I am so thankful!
My mom and step-father came in to town last week to meet the boys for the first time. We had a great time with them and the boys love their babushka and dedushka. I was glad that they were able to be there when the boys were dedicated at our church this past Sunday. It was a very special moment to be able to have our family and friends there to witness the dedication. Hopefully I'll figure out how to post pictures soon and maybe even some video!=) Actually check out my sis-in-law's blog for pics.;) I'll work on the video.=)
We also took the boys to the beach over the weekend and they are hooked! Roman asks every day to go to the beach. I'm happy 'cause we are a beach family!
Swim lessons are going well. Jadon didn't cry for the first time today. He even kicked his legs on his own when asked! I hope they learn soon because the cost is ridiculous!!
We still spend a lot of time in our fabulous back yard and we've been making playdates once a week. They love playing with other kids.
Tomorrow is their first dentist appointment so pray that Roman doesn't have any cavities!=) I'll let you know the outcome.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Have I mentioned how much our boys love to be outside? Today we spent the entire day (except for an hour nap and lunch) in the back yard enjoying our new additions.=) Tuesday we picked up a kiddie pool at Toys R Us. The boys love it!

Cool pool hairdos!

The boys have been taking swim lessons for a few weeks now and Roman is a natural. He loves the water!

Jadon is still not a fan of swim lessons but he loves his baby pool!=)

Ah! Brotherly love!;)

"Bathing suits?" "We don't need no stinking bathing suits!"

A very generous friend of ours built the boys a beach, er I mean a huge sandbox!

Roman and his first sandcastle.=)

Granny stopped by with a huge surprise! A picnic table and a sand/water table! I haven't finished putting them together yet but I know 2 little boys who are going to have a blast tomorrow!

Jadon loves his new "baby" swing. He actually falls asleep in it!;)

Okay, I had some more pictures to post but blogger has burnt out on me.
Thank you all for your encouraging and helpful comments on my last post. Jadon is improving daily with his temper but I know that sometimes he'll have bad days, as we all do. He is actually allowing Chris and I to lay him down in his bed and cover him up without a peep (until we shut the door)! This is a huge improvement as the norm is we put him in his bed and he angrily screams his head off while jumping up and down in his crib. I know it's all of the prayers so thank you very much! Check out Chris' blog for a cute pic!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Home for 1 month!

Today we've been home with the boys for one month! It has flown by! We have mostly good days but some are not so good but that's normal, right?=)
I love that the boys sleep through the night and when they wake up in the morning, they play quietly in their room until we get them at 7. They are so happy to see us in the morning and it's very sweet. Roman is very affectionate had is constantly smelling my hair. Strange, but I guess it's comforting to him in some way. Jadon is becoming more affectionate and is very attached to me. He still has a nasty temper and that bothers me a lot. Today he threw a ceramic coaster on the floor in a fit of anger over not getting fed fast enough and it broke into pieces. How do I handle that? I'm pissed off that he's being disrespectful and throwing/breaking things but I don't want him to see that. What I did was say "No!" and I swatted his hand to which he threw himself on the floor and screamed. The kid wears me out. He can be very sweet and funny though, I just wish it was more often.
The boys both love being outdoors and going for rides in the car.
Food is usually not a problem. They eat almost anything.
Roman is learning more words in English everyday. He loves to learn so I think it won't be too long before he's fluent.
We are so happy to be home and we are becoming a stronger family everyday. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Still Here!

Yes, it's been a while but my boys do not stop! They want to be busy constantly and if they are not, they get bored and they get into trouble. So, I'm chasing after them from 7am to 7:30pm! It's fun most of the time, especially when we go to fun places like the zoo. We took the video camera and got some neat footage that I hope to post soon but finding the time to download the pics and video is the problem. Today I cleaned my floors for the first time in over a week while Jadon "slept" and Roman was out with his Papa. I felt like I accomplished a lot! We're at Granny & Grampy's today and the boys have been outside 90% of the day riding in their new John Deer truck. Check out Chris' blog for a picture. It's so cute to see them riding around the property in it. Roman is a boy obsessed with cars and bikes.=)
Anyway, the boys are adjusting very well and I'm so thankful!