Penny & Chris Goeppner are in the process of adopting two children from Russia.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our Region

Well, we found out what region we'll be adopting from, it's Krasnoyarsk! As you can see on the map, it's quite far from Moscow, about 4 1/2 hrs by plane. After doing some research on the region, I found that it is known for it's multitude of fountains. Also famous artists are from Krasnoyarsk, though I've never heard of them. The trans-Siberian railroad runs straight through the town. We could take it from Moscow but it would take 2 1/2 days, no thanks! One review of this region says it's something like the Twilight Zone. I guess things haven't progressed much there. People wear fur pelts during the long winter season. The summer season which lasts a few weeks is supposedly quite nice and has been compared to what Rome would look like during the summer. I have a feeling that we will probably not make it there during that short time period. The following is some information our family coordinator sent us. Please pray that our adoption will not take as long as they're telling us! Krasnoyarsk has average timelines for referrals- 9 to 12 months (males as early as 6 months, while females are usually closer to the 12 month mark). If you are requesting two children, the wait can be anywhere from 9-15 months, depending on the movement in Russia at the time. Court dates are typically obtained at the average range as well- approximately 3-4 months after trip 1. Krasnoyarsk may or may not waive the 10 day waiting period after your court date. This means that your 2nd trip will be approximately 3 weeks. During the 10 day waiting period, you will be able to visit your child within his/her environment. Although it can be an inconvenience for work schedules and other planning, this time is very beneficial for the child's transition. We'll continue to update you as we get more details. Thank you for your prayers and for your support.