Penny & Chris Goeppner are in the process of adopting two children from Russia.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Secret Blog Pals

It's that time again! Debbie asked me to help her this time around and I am delighted to do so. SBP's is a fun way to connect with other adopting families. Last round Robin was the one secretly sending me things and I was sending things to Kim. Admittedly, I was a little confused with how the system worked so Kim found out pretty early that I was her SBP. If you have any questions, please ask so you don't make the mistake I did.;) Anyway, I'm glad to know these ladies better now through the experience.
If you are adopting or have adopted, please join us. You'll be glad you did! Check out Debbie's blog for more info.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Viva La France!

Yes, here we are in France! Well, Epcot's version of France. The trees behind us had little white flowers on them and the wind was blowing them off and they would flutter down like snow. It was so magical, so Disney!
Yesterday we spent the day at Disney's Epcot and had a great time visiting all of the "countries". We really needed a little getaway and it was a lot of fun. We thought it would be neat to eat something from each country so we started with lunch in Mexico. It was okay, not my favorite. Chris liked the tacos though. We then went to Norway for a cinnamon and raisin pretzel with icing, that was tasty. I also met a friend in Norway. He's kind of cute don't you think?

From there we traveled on to China. We were still full from Mexico and Norway so we decided to try some Chinese candy. It was interesting to say the least. It was some kind of taffy but it tasted like the wax wrapper melted into the candy.
Germany was next and although I would have liked to have bought some chocolates, it was in the 90s and so we thought it might not last too long. I grabbed some mixed candy and I really liked one of the hard candies. It was cola flavored and it fizzed in my mouth, fun and tasty!=)
Italy was our next stop. We had dinner here (later in the day) at the famous Alfredo's. OMG!!! The trip to Epcot is totally worth it if you only eat the fettuccine alfredo. They invented it!! The original restaurant is in Italy and they opened one in New York and in Epcot. You can watch them make the pasta from scratch. I can't even eat it anywhere else now. I can't settle! It was unbelievably delicious! You must go!! Now, hurry!!
Okay moving on.... here I am in "Italy". Does this photo make me look freakishly tall?

I think Japan was next. We got some candy here too. They had so many interesting kinds. We got some mixed candy in a bag and a pack of some kind of chewy candy. It was citrus in flavor but it had little pieces of gummy in it so the texture was really odd. I guess they're into gummies there since most all of the candy was of that type. Chris got a Japanese soda. He hasn't tried it yet because he wanted to wait until we could cool it down in the fridge. It's weird, it has a marble in it.
Here's a pic of all of the candy and another one with me by a building.

Okay so after all of that candy we ditched the idea of eating something from every country thing. Besides, the U.K, France and Canada was next and we didn't think we were missing out on too much. Ooops, I forgot Morocco. We didn't get anything from there to eat either.
Here's a pic of Chris and I by the "falls" in "Canada".

We did manage to make it onto a few rides. The lines were horrific! It was over a 2 hour wait for Test Track, which is probably the best ride at the park. We skipped it and Soarin' had an 80 minute wait so we skipped that too. It's not that great of a ride anyway. I think they should call it "Snorin'"! =) We were so tired from walking the park that we needed a rest so we went on Ellen's Energy Adventure. I really did catch some Z's on this "ride". It was a nice 37 minute rest. We also did Spaceship Earth and the new Living Seas ride with Nemo. That was a 45 minute wait but worth it to see all of the sea creatures. I fell in love with a cuttlefish. They kind of look like squids. One of them was seriously following me and watching me. When I put my face real close to the tank he turned real dark in color and backed off. They have human-like eyes. Very cool creatures. The sea turtles were huge as were the manatees and the dolphins were cute of course. Our last ride was the monorail. We took it around the park as we waited for our bus to pick us up. It was a great day.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Summer Goals

Debbie tagged me so here is my very lame summer goal list. This was hard for me as I'm not goal oriented at all!

1. To have a better attitude about our adoption despite our stagnancy.

2. To improve my prayer life.

3. Be a better wife to my wonderful husband.

4. Spend more quality time with my hubby.

5. Read a few good books.

6. Watch less TV.

7. Learn to cook some tasty new recipes.

8. Take some time off from work to relax with the fam.

9. To be less of a spender and more of a saver; to be less of a saver and more of a giver.

10. Here's a stretch: To get our referrals and travel by August!

Friday, June 01, 2007


Can you believe it's June already? Well I can't. We started this adoption 2 years ago in August and I can't believe we are STILL waiting for referrals. Our dossier has been in our region for over a year now. All of you who are currently waiting for your referrals, travel and court dates, are you as emotionally exhausted as I am? Do you feel like this is all some sort of dream and you're not really adopting but wouldn't it be neat if you could? I'm so drained right now.
A couple of months ago as I was praying that God would give our agency accreditation and send us referrals, I was also staring at a calendar on the wall and my eyes went to June and I felt the Lord telling me that something would happen in June. So, here we are and I am anticipating something ( hopefully huge) to happen.
I am encouraged and happy for the families that are receiving referrals and travel dates though. It's comforting to know that there is still some movement in Russia. Still I wonder "why can't we all move forward with our adoptions?", "why only a few and why them and not us?". Let me be clear that I am elated for the families that are moving forward I just wonder these things sometimes and I don't think I'm alone in this. It is, I know, God's timing but I'm tired of waiting. Hopefully all of us adopting won't have to wait much longer. I'm still praying, still hoping, still believing that one day we'll be parents of 2 children from Russia.