Penny & Chris Goeppner are in the process of adopting two children from Russia.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A nice visit.

My sister and her husband came to visit us over the weekend. They had never met the boys before and we had not seen her new baby boy before. It was too short of a visit but we had fun. The kids were so cute together. We went to the zoo Saturday morning and then my sis-in-law met up with us and took some fabulous photos. I love my little sister so much, I wish she lived closer.=(

Roman and baby G!

Aren't they a beautiful family?

Jadon and MJ. Kissing Cousins!;)

Our family photo.=)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I am so blessed to be the mother of these two beautiful boys!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What a difference!

I wanted to show you the change in Jadon since he's been home. It really is amazing! Roman has changed as well but not as dramatically as JJ. So here goes...

This picture was taken in October of '07 during our first trip. He made no eye contact with us and never laughed or smiled. He was 15 months old.

This picture was taken in February of '08 during our second trip. He eventually warmed up to us a bit and we did get him to laugh but he was mostly a very serious baby. He was 19 months here.

This picture was taken shortly after we picked the boys up from the orphanage in Kras. Notice the blank stare. We got those a lot.

This picture was taken in Moscow. He got a little more brave and interacted more but mostly screamed and cried. He was a very sad baby.

This picture was taken the first week we were home in March. It was their first trip to the beach.

Again at the beach. He is smiling more now and is getting more comfortable with us. Notice how bloated his face is. All of us had bloated faces when we came home. Either it was all of the sodium in the food in Russia or lack of sleep. Maybe a combo of the two.=)

Here we are at Friendly's in April. Jadon LOVES to eat and is much happier (except at nap/bed time).

Here he is on their John Deer truck at Granny's house. What a cutie!

It's May and this is the face I see on my baby boy all the time now.

He laughs all the time and I have to restrain myself from biting those cheeks off!=) He's got a nice tan and the sun has lightened his hair a lot.

I love this picture! He is 22 months now and losing the baby look.=(

It's an amazing transformation in just 3 months. We brought home a scared, sad and angry baby and now we have a happy, funny and attached toddler. We still have a lot of growing to do but I am so thrilled by how much we have grown together as a family.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cutest Kids Ever!

Okay, I knew my kids were cute but after seeing them in these pics, they really are the cutest kids ever! I also figured out the posting pics problem so more pics to come in the future.:)