Penny & Chris Goeppner are in the process of adopting two children from Russia.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy, busy!

Okay, we are still alive. I have to apologize for the lack in posting. I have a good excuse though, the boys have been recovering from surgery. They both had the same one and it has to do with their pee-pee, get it? Anyway, it was not purely cosmetic but they both had issues that needed correction so it was necessary as well. It was a rough few days after the surgery for JJ since he had the majority of issues that needed to be corrected but Roman did awesome. He was sore but not in pain and was back to his old self the next day. Jadon was in a lot of pain for the first couple of days and a week later is still a bit sensitive. They both did incredibly well though and were perfect patients in the hospital. I was so proud of them.
We've also been very busy getting into our new church building this past week. Sunday was our first service and it was very exciting! We are so blessed to finally have our own church building! Our church has been portable for 11 years so it's about time!;) Thank you Jesus!
Anyway, I am very excited about the new round of Secret Blog Pals that I'm participating in. It is a lot of fun to secretly bless others!=)
That's about everything new going on. Oh, I may be switching to typepad since my husband has and he's the techie in the house. Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yo! Yo!

I bet you didn't know my boys were rappers!
Jib Jab is so funny, check it out!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Watermelon Fun!

I gave the boys a quarter of a watermelon today and they LOVED it! I didn't think Jadon would get into it like he did since he dislikes being messy but he sure had fun!=)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Busy Boys

And boy are we busy! This summer has flown by! I can't believe it's already August!!
We spend a lot of time outdoors as the boys would have it no other way. Although recently our times spent outside have been cut much shorter due to excessive heat (today was 97)! The pool and hose sure does help though!;)
Everyone asks "How are the boys adjusting?" My answer is always "Great!" which is true but I wonder how I would answer if people asked "How are you adjusting?". Honestly, it has been a very tough adjustment for me. I just told my friend that I didn't realize how selfish I was until we brought the boys home. Each day gets better and easier as we fall into synch with each other but it sure has been a struggle. I am so thankful for the struggle though, it has challenged me to be a better wife, mother and child of God.
Anyway, here are some pics of the boys spending their summer days outside.

Here's Roman in our backyard holding the letter we wrote for "N".

Here he is with a picture he drew for her.

At the park on the friendly dinosaur.=)

Peek-a-boo Jadon!

Jadon LOVES cars, which he calls "cais".=)

We are usually so busy that this is how the boys end up at some point in the day. Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

Have a wonderful day!