Penny & Chris Goeppner are in the process of adopting two children from Russia.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Thoughts from Penny.

We began the process of adopting in August so we're 4 months into it, which isn't very long. It feels longer though. Our homestudy took longer than I expected. We had to wait to complete it until we could move forward with the rest of the paperwork. A couple of weeks ago we finished the homestudy and sent that in with some other paperwork to Immigration Services. It was sent back because they raised the fee and we didn't know it. We re-sent it on the 9th and expected a couple of weeks to go by before we were notified of when our fingerprint appointment would be. It came this past Thursday and our appointment is next Thursday! Once that is done we will await forms to be sent to us from the Department of Homeland Security to go into our dossier, which is basically our lives on paperwork. We have a few more papers to fill out and get notarized and then we will send everything to Tallahasee to get apostilled, which is baisically a notary of a notary. We will then send all of that to our adoption agency and they will send it to Russia where they will translate everything into Russian. This is when the real waiting begins as we are put into the Russian adoption system. It will probably be about 18 months before we get pictures of our children and about 6months after that until they are legally ours. We're praying that it won't be that long. Thankfully God is in control of everything and everything will happen is His perfect timing.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

November Monthly Update

Dear Adoptive Families,

Please see the attached monthly update.

In Him,
Sara Parrish
Eastern Europe Family Coordinator

Attachment Reads:

The Eastern Europe staff is thrilled to have so many families who have received travel dates and had successful court dates this month. We had 5 families travel for trip one in the month of November and 7 families bring home their long-awaited little ones. It was truly a month to give praise and Thanksgiving to the Lord for all he did!

The Eastern Europe staff is pleased to announce that a petition was signed to re-accredit agencies. Families are asked to please keep in mind that this does not mean that previously accredited agencies have received their official certificates, but any movement. Another official decision was made to revoke the accreditation of four agencies. The America World umbrella agency that was already reaccredited remains secure in its standing with the Ministry of Education and the agency’s umbrella agencies are confident that they will be reaccredited. We will continue to update Russia families as information is received.